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Shubh Polymers is a noted manufacturer, distributor and exporter of P.P mats that are manufactured while maintaining a committed focus on the aesthetic and durability expectations of the customers.

Established in 2000, Shubh Polymers has always strived to emerge as a leader in the African continent by improving production and supply standards of mats. Over the years, we have been offering various types of superior quality plastic mats to African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, South African and Libya to name a few.

We value our customers and take all possible efforts to offer them with maximum satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why we have been able to maintain the business goodwill and market credibility for all these years.

Why Shubh Polymers?

  1. Product Quality: We put in special efforts to produce high quality products. Only the best quality polypropylene is used for manufacturing mats. Designed using an innovative technique, our high-end P.P mats is capable of withstanding damp environment. Our mats are highly durable, so you would end up using them for many years at a stretch.
  2. Product Availability: Since we cater a wide range of polypropylene mats, you can always find a mat of your choice. Depending upon your requirement, we can offer mats in different colors, designs and sizes. We also offer you an option for ordering customized mats, wherein you can decide on various aspects of the mat. You can easily contact us and order our products. Our support system works round the clock to ensure you get the ordered product at the soonest possible time.
  3. Variety: Look no further than Shubh Polymers if extraordinary designs, textures, color shades and patterns are your primary needs. Our research and development division ensures that our products remain as close to carpets, in terms of performance and long life, as possible.